Panel V2 for BeamMP Servers

Panel V2 for BeamMP Servers

We hope than you will enjoy the new BeamMP.Host Panel, where you will have an infinite easiness to manage your server.

All features in coming are:

  • Get access to your server logs
  • Add clients mods (maximum storage as to be defined, it will not be a lot)
  • Dark/Light Theme for your eyes๐Ÿ‘€

New Limits on Free Servers

  • Maximum 10 players
  • Maximum 4 cars / player

Weekly Maintenance

We are going to stop all servers each Monday at 4am UTC.

You will need to manually restart your server after that. We are sorry but it's free and it helps to maintain good service quality for users who use their Free BeamMP Server.

Estimated release date of the Panel V2

1th January 2023