Awesome BeamMP Resources

A list of the best resources found on the web and beamng communities.

We want to find these kind of scripts :

  • Roleplay
  • Racing
  • Server Management (Admin, Permissions, Essentials)
  • Graphics, Mods, etc..
  • and all your funniest resources and useful stuff :)

GuestControl - Control what you want to allow guests to do!

It allows you to :

  • Dissalow guests to join your server
  • Disable chat for guest players


Cobalt Essentials V1.5.3

Out of the box, Cobalt Essentials supports:

  • Whitelist
  • Vehicle Whitelist/Blacklist
  • Vehicle Spawn permissions
  • Bans
  • Permissions system
  • Commands
  • A robust extensions system
  • RCON support
  • CobaltDB a custom built noSQL solution